"Wir leben wie Gespenster" Cd /Lp
(we all live like ghosts)
released march 2006

After the Succes of their last album, we finally present their new full length work in kooperation with one of the eldest german record labels Trikont. The new album is again all about krauty-disco and german-new-wave styles, rocking like "we all live like ghosts" the title track and follower of elder hits like "24 stunden" or "ich bau scheisse". But also they do not miss to come down, so they are sometimes even melodic with tunes like "drinker got to drink".

So in any case these two men
are here to stay...

from march 2006 on available:

"Wir Leben wir Gespenster" CD/Lp

"Mick/Jagger/Romy Schneider" 7inch

the tees to the new album:


Fruit of the loom shirts inblack or Olive (orders 15.- Euro plus post)

also still on sale the elder stuff::

Die Weisheit wächst auf Bäumen LP/CD (orders 12.- Euro plus post)
24 Stunden 7inch
(orders 5.- Euro plus post)

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each record or cd 12.- euro, 7inches 6.- euro plus postage.

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_ Rocket/Freudental presstext


link to the elder album "Die Weisheit wächst auf Bäumen" with downloads...


indigo (cd) /hausmusik (vinyl).







in deutsche?!

Demos to listen:

"Gerümpel zu verkaufen"
(trash for sale)
"Das Reine und das Gute"
(the pure and the good)
_Stop Sounds

Video downloads
to keep, swop and watch:

Rocket/Freudentals "Mick-Jagger" Videoclip to the new album_ (30MB) Regie & Idea: Andreas Geiger

High Quality (10MB) zu "24 Stunden im Leben eines Kunden"

Minor Quality (6.9MB) zu "24 Stunden im Leben eines Kunden"

- Handmade Super 8 video from Ines Riespeter to Rocket/Freudentals "Ich bau Scheisse" .

- The Vintage_Hi-Light: Rocket/Freudental live on the MS Stubnitz ship in Rostock from 2000.
(14 MB)

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